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Poetic Ziva
Poetic Ziva
Poetic Ziva

Poetic Ziva

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Multi-color ceramic tile detail
(colors may vary)
Gold Brass Studded
Jewel Tone Embellishments
Black Crushed Velvet Inside Lining
47" or 51" Gold  Shoulder/Crossbody Chain
Dimensions 7" x 5.5" x 2"


Can fit all smart phones, make up and small accessories.

 Each Ziva Bag includes a dust bag and polishing cloth

Care Instructions

  1. Wipe with a soft damp cloth.
  2. Do not allow to get wet.
  3. When not in use, we highly recommend to keep it in the dust bag in a dry, well ventilated place.
  4. Do not expose to direct heat or sunlight for extended periods.
  5. Avoid rubbing and scraping your product with/against rough or uneven surfaces.
  6. Handmade with natural materials.  Natural scarring may occur.