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Ziva Naseer is a luxury, handmade purse brand and we create wearable art! Our story began in 2019, when we SOLD OUT of our first batch of handmade bags within minutes!  Our passion for making statements and turning heads with unique designs keeps our vision and products alive.

"Why be average, when you can be Ziva!"

Ziva Features and Reviews!

 They are the most beautiful handmade bags and I know you are going to just fall head over heels for them!!!

Samantha Ruble (

Ziva Naseer is obviously my fav purse brand of the season!!!

Monique Spearman (Fashion and lifestyle Blogger)

This bag is absolutely gorgeous!  It's like a jewel on your arm.

Carbon and Coal

These handbags, designed and handcrafted by Ziva Naseer, are more than an accessory they are a statement!!!

Our Hands Feature

Every Delta needs one of these beautiful Elephant Ziva purses from Ziva Naseer!

The Closet Ratchet