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About Us

Our story begins in 2019, when we sold out of our first batch of handmade bags from Abu Dhabi within minutes!  I knew then that our brand would flourish.  Ziva bags are expertly handmade by our owner and team of expert artisans.  We use a traditional and time tested mosaic-technique to mold and craft our bags with care. Our passion for making statements and turning heads with unique designs keeps our vision, and products alive.

Ziva in Arabic means Light of God.  Naseer, one who guides.  Translated, Ziva Naseer has the meaning-Guided by the light of God.
We are constantly developing our products to ensure our commitment of producing luxurious and long-lasting pieces is never on the back burner. Our designs include clay ceramic tiles, jewel-tone embellishments, hand-carved pendants, inside velvet lining and beautifully repurposed metal and wood. Our products will be admired for generations to come, making them stylish heirlooms that will transcend any trend.

"Why be average, when you can be Ziva!"
-Dominique, Owner