Our Story

Ziva bags are exclusively handmade by our owner and welded by our team of master craftsmen.  All designs are vintage and refurbished using inspiration from Dominique’s time living in the UAE.  Each bag is custom made to size, style and the materials used.  Our hope is that you find the perfect design, made just for you.


(Dominique Waters, Owner)

Ziva in Arabic means Radiant, which is exactly what our bags represent. We are constantly developing our products and designs to ensure our commitment of producing luxurious and long-lasting pieces is at the forefront. Our materials include naturally sourced mother of pearl and abalone, clay ceramic tiles, resin jewel-tone embellishments, hand-carved pendants, brass studs, cowrie shells, velvet-fabric for our inside lining and beautifully repurposed metal and wood. Our products will be admired for generations to come, making them stylish heirlooms that transcend any trend.

The New Look of Luxury!